Ariel Tal



June/2017 – Current


Senior Technical Artist

– Responsible for all VFX
– Author CG Vertex and Pixel shaders to achieve art direction
– Contribute to C# codebase and bug fixing
– Author custom Maya exporter and pipeline to streamline art integration into Unity
– Author tools within Unity to optimize artists pipeline and iteration times
– Designed and implemented art pipeline, naming convention and documentation
– Created custom chrome plugin to export design doc and procedure step copy data from google slides to Unity
– Provided art direction and documentation to define the look across product
– Created pipeline for decimation of high end CAD models to UnityLOD system
– Managed art department working across multiple SKU’s
– Responsible for optimizing render pipeline to solidify framerate on all Unity3D projects

August/2015 – June/2017


1000 Bridge Pkwy #110, Redwood City, CA 94065

Lead VFX Artist

– Responsible for all VFX on Bakery Story 2
– Responsible for all VFX on Dream City Metropolis
– Ported VFX for Hungry Babies to Unity
– Responsible for optimizing drawcalls to solidify framerate on all Unity3D projects
– Author CG Vertex and Pixel shaders to optimize framerate
– Author BRDF maps
– Contribute to C# codebase and bug fixing
– Authored Unity tools to help profile runtime memory
– Authored tools to automatically reduce polygon count for LOD assets.
– Authored Maya tools for vertex painting.
– Authored validation tools for artists to verify content before submitting to repo

August/2013 – August/2015


(800) 762-2530 699 8th St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Lead VFX Artist

– Responsible for all VFX on Farmville 2
– Behavioral scripting for characters, animals, and buildings using JSON
– Designed and implemented ATF texture optimization pipeline, providing increased stability for the Farmville 2 game engine
– Acting Art Director for weekly generated content on Farmville 2
– Responsible for leading the insourcing art staff training of 40+ artists
– VFX and Art Direction consultant for Words on Tour
– Assisted Art Director to prototype visual look for unannounced mobile product

January/2010 – July/2013

Downsized Games

2641 Monte Vista Ave. El Cerrito, CA 94530

Co Founder

– Designed and created production pipeline
– Gameplay/ Graphics Programmer and Producer on BulleTrain for iPhone and iPad
– Gameplay/ Graphics Programmer on Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Ducky Derby for iPhone and iPad
– Co Created P4U Perforce Plugin for Unity3D available on the Unity3D Asset Store
– Designed and wrote Soundworks Collection Video Streamer for Roku Devices

November/2012 – May/2013

Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.


1050 Caribbean Way, Miami FL 33132


– Aerial Circus Performer for Centrum WOW production shows aboard Splendour of the Seas. Apparatuses: Duo Aerial Straps, Bungee, Harness and original apparatus.

Janurary/2012 – November/2012

Human Head Studios


1741 Commercial Avenue Suite 200 Madison, WI 53704

Project Lead

Fort Courage for Android and iOS
– Gameplay / Graphics / UI Programmer
– Developed using the Unity3D engine
– Created all effects for game
– Created development pipeline for distributed development
– Lead team of seven remote developers

March/2011 – March 2012

DePaul University

(312) 362-80001 E. Jackson Chicago, IL 60604

Adjunct Professor

– Level Design – GAM 341 – Intro to Unreal

September/2011 – October/2011

Human Head Studios


1741 Commercial Avenue Suite 200 Madison, WI 53704

Technical Artist

– Setup deployment pipeline to iOS for team
– Created all effects for unannounced project using Cascade for Unreal
– Level placement and lightning

March/2011 – April/2011

Emotional Robots Inc.


7810 Ethel St. Suite 105,Niagara Falls,  Ontario,2H2- 2V2, Canada

Effects Artist

– Created all weapon effects for Warm Gun using Unreal Cascade for iOS:
– Muzzle Flashes
– Explosions
– Impact effects

April/2010 – March/2011


(312) 263-1450 20 N. Clark St. 33rd Floor Chicago, IL 60602

Senior Technical Artist

– Created majority of effects for Tony Hawk: Shred for Xbox 360 & PS3
– Ceated majority of effects for unannounced project for XBLA using Unreal Cascade

September/2005 – March/2010

GPL Technologies


(310) 458-6484 1513 6th Street Suite 203 Santa Monica, CA 90401

IT Support

– Built and troubleshot various 2D and 3D systems, including Final Cut Pro and Avid editing stations.
– Setup and administered Linux, Mac and Windows systems.
– Built, configured and maintained render farms using Rush and Qube! renderfarm management software.
– Set up and administered servers including Apache, MYSQL, Samba, SSH and DHCP.
– Installed site wide networking infrastructure (cat 5/6, punch down blocks and panels, toning, testing, networking rack units, and server rack layout.)

November/2005- Feburary/2010

Pandemic Studios

(310) 450-5199 1100 Glendon Ave 19th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90024

Senior Technical Artist

– Created a toolset in XSI increasing artists workflow and optimization of assets.
– Created a centralized distribution of tools allowing artists to always have the latest updates for XSI.
– Assist Artists in debugging error prone scenes.
– Created an Asset Tracking database (Demo’d at GDC) to support the production team allowing them to view and track the relative status of all assets in the production pipeline.
– Lead a team to create a new pipeline for VFX effects.
– Created majority of effects for Mercenaries2 World in Flames for Xbox 360 & PS3
-Created and managed Cinematics Department, pipeline, and renderfarm for pre-rendered in-game cut scenes.

April/2006 – Freelance

GPL Solutions/ Sony Computer Entertainment America

Render Wrangler

– Responsible for management of a 200+ node renderfarm. RUSH renderfarm management software was used to render Maya Mental Ray scenes for E3 cinematic render animation.

January/2002 – June/2005

Tippett Studio

(510) 649-9711 2741 10th St. Berkeley, CA 94710

Systems Administrator/ Database Developer/ Website Administrator/ Rotoscope Artist/ FX Artist

– Responsible for maintenance of Macintosh (osx), SGI (Irix), PC hardware (linux and win2k and xp). Managing of hardware problems to network management on a variety of hardware and software platforms. Maintenance of many servers and setting up static and Dynamic TCP/IP networks.
– Interaction with many employees, supporting artists on a daily basis, providing user support, and setting up printers.
– FX and Roto artist on Hellboy and Starship Troopers II.

June/2000 – 2001

Oblivion Productions

1435 Grizzly Peak Berkeley, Ca 94708

Production Manger/ Lead Animator/ Lead Programmer

– Co-founder, day to day operations of the company, including management of five employees. Network engineer and systems administrator, dealing with recruitment of clients and the presentation of the final product.



August/1996 – June/2000

Savannah College of Art and Design

P O Box 3146 (912)525-5100 Savannah, Ga 31402


– Bachelor of Fine Arts – Computer Art and 3D Animation
– Dean’s list at Savannah School of Art and Design


– Douglas High School high point diving record
– Qualified for Junior Olympic Diving Nationals in Coral Springs, Fl.


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