Ariel Tal



August/2015 – Current


1000 Bridge Pkwy #110, Redwood City, CA 94065

Lead VFX Artist

– Created All VFX on Bakery Story 2
– Responsible for optimizing drawcalls to solidify framerate on all Unity3D projects
– Author CG Vertex and Pixel shaders to optimize framerate
– Author BRDF maps
– Contribute to C# codebase and bug fixing

August/2013 – August/2015


(800) 762-2530 699 8th St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Lead VFX Artist

– Responsible for all VFX on Farmville 2
– Behavioral scripting for characters, animals, and buildings using JSON
– Designed and implemented ATF texture optimization pipeline, providing increased stability for the Farmville 2 game engine
– Acting Art Director for weekly generated content on Farmville 2
– Responsible for leading the insourcing art staff training of 40+ artists
– VFX and Art Direction consultant for Words on Tour
– Assisted Art Director to prototype visual look for unannounced mobile product

January/2010 – July/2013

Downsized Games

(510) 913-2104 2641 Monte Vista Ave. El Cerrito, CA 94530

Co Founder

– Designed and created production pipeline
– Gameplay/ Graphics Programmer and Producer on BulleTrain for iPhone and iPad
– Gameplay/ Graphics Programmer on Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Ducky Derby for iPhone and iPad
– Co Created P4U Perforce Plugin for Unity3D available on the Unity3D Asset Store
– Designed and wrote Soundworks Collection Video Streamer for Roku Devices

November/2012 – May/2013

Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.


1050 Caribbean Way, Miami FL 33132


– Aerial Circus Performer for Centrum WOW production shows aboard Splendour of the Seas. Apparatuses: Duo Aerial Straps, Bungee, Harness and original apparatus.

Janurary/2012 – November/2012

Human Head Studios


1741 Commercial Avenue Suite 200 Madison, WI 53704

Project Lead

Fort Courage for Android and iOS
– Gameplay / Graphics / UI Programmer
– Developed using the Unity3D engine
– Created all effects for game
– Created development pipeline for distributed development
– Lead team of seven remote developers

March/2011 – March 2012

DePaul University

(312) 362-80001 E. Jackson Chicago, IL 60604

Adjunct Professor

– Level Design – GAM 341 – Intro to Unreal

September/2011 – October/2011

Human Head Studios


1741 Commercial Avenue Suite 200 Madison, WI 53704

Technical Artist

– Setup deployment pipeline to iOS for team
– Created all effects for unannounced project using Cascade for Unreal
– Level placement and lightning

March/2011 – April/2011

Emotional Robots Inc.


7810 Ethel St. Suite 105,Niagara Falls,  Ontario,2H2- 2V2, Canada

Effects Artist

– Created all weapon effects for Warm Gun using Unreal Cascade for iOS:
– Muzzle Flashes
– Explosions
– Impact effects

April/2010 – March/2011


(312) 263-1450 20 N. Clark St. 33rd Floor Chicago, IL 60602

Senior Technical Artist

– Created majority of effects for Tony Hawk: Shred for Xbox 360 & PS3
– Ceated majority of effects for unannounced project for XBLA using Unreal Cascade

September/2005 – March/2010

GPL Technologies


(310) 458-6484 1513 6th Street Suite 203 Santa Monica, CA 90401

IT Support

– Built and troubleshot various 2D and 3D systems, including Final Cut Pro and Avid editing stations.
– Setup and administered Linux, Mac and Windows systems.
– Built, configured and maintained render farms using Rush and Qube! renderfarm management software.
– Set up and administered servers including Apache, MYSQL, Samba, SSH and DHCP.
– Installed site wide networking infrastructure (cat 5/6, punch down blocks and panels, toning, testing, networking rack units, and server rack layout.)

November/2005- Feburary/2010

Pandemic Studios

(310) 450-5199 1100 Glendon Ave 19th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90024

Senior Technical Artist

– Created a toolset in XSI increasing artists workflow and optimization of assets.
– Created a centralized distribution of tools allowing artists to always have the latest updates for XSI.
– Assist Artists in debugging error prone scenes.
– Created an Asset Tracking database (Demo’d at GDC) to support the production team allowing them to view and track the relative status of all assets in the production pipeline.
– Lead a team to create a new pipeline for VFX effects.
– Created majority of effects for Mercenaries2 World in Flames for Xbox 360 & PS3
-Created and managed Cinematics Department, pipeline, and renderfarm for pre-rendered in-game cut scenes.

April/2006 – Freelance

GPL Solutions/ Sony Computer Entertainment America

Render Wrangler

– Responsible for management of a 200+ node renderfarm. RUSH renderfarm management software was used to render Maya Mental Ray scenes for E3 cinematic render animation.

January/2002 – June/2005

Tippett Studio

(510) 649-9711 2741 10th St. Berkeley, CA 94710

Systems Administrator/ Database Developer/ Website Administrator/ Rotoscope Artist/ FX Artist

– Responsible for maintenance of Macintosh (osx), SGI (Irix), PC hardware (linux and win2k and xp). Managing of hardware problems to network management on a variety of hardware and software platforms. Maintenance of many servers and setting up static and Dynamic TCP/IP networks.
– Interaction with many employees, supporting artists on a daily basis, providing user support, and setting up printers.
– FX and Roto artist on Hellboy and Starship Troopers II.

June/2000 – 2001

Oblivion Productions

(510) 666-8603 1435 Grizzly Peak Berkeley, Ca 94708

Production Manger/ Lead Animator/ Lead Programmer

– Co-founder, day to day operations of the company, including management of five employees. Network engineer and systems administrator, dealing with recruitment of clients and the presentation of the final product.


East Bay School of the Arts

(510)548-4837 (Every summer) 980 Virginia St Berkeley, Ca 94709

Animation and Cartooning teacher

– Education of the fundamentals of 3D animation and cartooning to middle school students.


Seven Hills School

(925) 933-0666 (Every summer) 975 N Carlos Drive Walnut Creek, Ca 94598

Computer Technician

– Technician for computers, hardware and software repair of macintosh and windows computers, networking, set up, and testing.

September/1997 – June 1999

Savannah College of Art and Design

P O Box 3146 (912)525-5100 Savannah, Ga 31402

Resident Assistant

– Assist residents in activities of daily life. Guidance and direction of opportunity areas and potential problems.



August/1996 – June/2000

Savannah College of Art and Design

P O Box 3146 (912)525-5100 Savannah, Ga 31402


– Bachelor of Fine Arts – Computer Art and 3D Animation
– Dean’s list at Savannah School of Art and Design


– Douglas High School high point diving record
– Qualified for Junior Olympic Diving Nationals in Coral Springs, Fl.


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