Ariel Tal

Programming & Graphics

Runtime Shaders

Fluoroscope (XRay) shader

A multi-pass shader that calculates the depth of bones and flesh to represent a fluoroscope (XRay) in real-time

Outline Shader for VR

The shader uses a 2 pass geometry shader to render an outline for use in VR.

Additional GPU based animation.

Ocean shader for Dream City Metropolis.

The shader uses the vertex color channels to drive influence of the following:

  • R channel drive max height determined by the material setting.
  • G channel is uv animation speed of main texture.
  • B channel is blend amount of 2nd texture (foam.)

The shader reuses the main texture but inverted to lerp back and forth to generate additional noise on the ocean surface.

Most elements of the shader are wrapped in shader_features allowing efficient compiling based on use.

Unity shader interface allowing artist to customize the wave look and debug on device.

Foam driven by height and vertex color channel.

Red vertex color channel drives max wave height.

Green vertex color channel drives uv animation in the rivers. (top of screen.)

Blue vertex color channel drives foam texture visibility.

River shader

Low weight river shader. Most elements of the shader are wrapped in shader_features allowing efficient compiling based on use.

Wave height and speed

Surface UV animation speed

Surface jitter

All components combined.

BRDF Shader

Authored BRDF textures and modified base shader to provide directional lighting on very low end devices side iPod touch 5.


Unity Tools

Memory Debugging

Mesh decimation wrapper

Created one click wrapper for artists to create lower  poly assets for low end devices using DotPeek and reverse engineering some compiled code and private functions. Reduction was usually 10-30% based on complexity of assets. Additional visual noise was accepted based on expected screensize and minimum distance to the camera. Foreground asset is the low poly reduction.

UV Preview Tool Extensions

Extended an open source uv preview tool to provide uv grid, texture and provide multi selection to allow visualization of multiple meshes using an atlas.

VFX Play/Stop controls

Extended internal prefab editor extension to provide particle Play and Stop controls for artists. This allows artists to play/stop all particle systems in the loaded scene even if they are not children.

Photoshop Tools

Image exporting tools

Maya Tools

Vertex Paint Tool

Custom Exporter

XSI Tools

XSI toolset increasing artists workflow and optimization of assets. Centralized distribution of tools allowing artists to always have the latest updates for XSI.

Soundworks Collection – Roku

Media streaming application for Roku devices. App will load an xls server file and live update the UI with the new videos available.  Programmed with BrightScript.


Asset Tracking database (Demo’d at GDC 07′) to support the production team allowing them to view and track the relative status of all assets in the production pipeline.

Tape Tracker

Tape tracking app for post houses.


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